Avoidance Has No Place Here

Avoidance has no place in your life, in any area.  In no arena is this more evident than that of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It can be ignored, but it cannot be avoided for long.  You may not address it directly, or share with others that you have the syndrome, nor tell them of the pain it causes, but it is always with you; it is always a part of you.  This is not always a negative, and hopefully more often than not it can motivate positive change in you. But nonetheless, it cannot be avoided for long.

Today, as I nervously got ready for my doctor’s appointment, I thought about this avoidance that I had been attempting over the past few years.  Five years, to be exact, which is the length of time since I have last spoken to an Endrocinologist about my PCOS.  Many OB/GYNs & MDs treat the symptoms of PCOS, but only those that have specifically studied PCOS and its full impact on hormonal changes and who are up on the recent research in the area of PCOS can really call themselves competent.  I have spoken to many physicians over the past 20 years and only two have impressed me with their knowledge of the syndrome.  I am thankful that today was the second.  Reading medical journal articles, knowing which labs to test for and how to read the results does not so qualify you.  Nor does the piece of paper on the wall in the $5 Walmart frame.  So yes, today I am thankful that I found someone who is up to date on PCOS and its treatment, and that she had a kind, listening ear and also that she was a doctor who gave me her attention in full, rather than cow-herding me through to meet her daily quota.  Having managed physician’s offices for decades, I say this with no malice; only the knowledge that the insurance companies have the doctors running in circles for every dime they bring into their office, and too often that cuts into the quality of physician you see before you in the treatment room, during the 10-15 minutes they have to give you.  So that the record is set straight, I know how hard it is for that doctor to live up to the reason that they started medical school, whether it be to earn an honest dollar for their families or to honestly make a difference in your life.  And today, I was fortunate to find before me a doctor who had managed to learn a great deal about my syndrome and who had the disposition of a friend looking to actually help you with what ails you.

So, to my point of avoidance.  Don’t do it, my cyster.  No matter how long it has been….5 years, 6 months or never…make today the day you look the PCOS monster in the face and tell it to go to hell, because you’re taking your life back.  If it’s getting pregnant; losing weight; getting rid of excess facial hair and gut pain; fighting to offset one of the many diseases that threatens you as a statistic, such as heart disease, diabetes and other ailments; look it in the face and tell it that you are stronger!  Believe that you are, and walk strong in that faith every day, once choice at a time.  Choose health, choose strength and choose a full life.

Welcome PCOSwomen!

I am 42 years young.  I am a loving mother of two children who are the light of my world, the cause of my chaos and the center of my never-ending fight for more.  More love, more laughter and more freedom in our smiles.  No hiding when it’s sunny because I fear I don’t look my best; no shunning participation in fun with them because I shame myself for not attaining that “perfection” we hold in our mind’s eye from the time we are little girls.  No way!  I am a wife, a mother, a friend and a sister.  A coworker, a mentor and a student all at the same time.  At the age of 24 I found out that I happen to have PCOS. It does not define me or dictate my life or have control of my happiness.  Only I have that much influence on my life, and I refuse to give it that much power, though it did take me years to arrive at this mindset.  Is it a serious syndrome, not to be ignored?  Of course! But it is not who I am, and it is not who you are.  You are SO much more!  I implore you to read, consider and contribute to my site; so that we can learn through each experience, lesson and bend in the road that we travel together as PCOSwomen.  It unites us, and we each have an important role to play to help each woman who has ever cried into her pillow, screamed into her shower or sweated it out on a treadmill, wondering why they carry this burden and what to do about it.  Cry, scream, sweat it out and then read, learn and talk to us about what makes you feel worse and more importantly, what makes you feel better.  Let’s share with eachother what works and what doesn’t, because each is just as important on this journey.

I am not an authority on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, by any means.  I am just a woman, like you, who wants to grab life by the reins and enjoy every precious moment of it while living it to the fullest, despite also being a PCOSwoman.  Welcome to my page!  I’d love to hear your story.